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Manage Chronic Health Issues Easily

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Modern Medical is your source for first-rate primary and urgent care. Our team of professionals offers everything from diagnostic testing to complete physicals that accurately assess your health. If a problem is found, we handle it immediately or direct you to a specialist. Prevent medical issues with care from our family practice in Brooklyn, New York.

Comprehensive Medical History and Physical
We provide comprehensive medical services that include electrocardiograms and blood tests analyses as part of your initial and annual visits. After checking everything, we review the results with you.

Urgent Sick Visit
Get fast help for minor medical emergencies at our office. If we can't get you in the same day, we schedule you for the next day. This service includes spirometry to test for lung function. We provide urgent care for a variety of conditions, including:

Fever • Chest Pain •  Abdominal Pain •  Sudden Change in Health

Chronic Care Visits
Modern Medical
helps you keep high blood, diabetes, and asthma under control. This type of ongoing  treatment minimizes any long-term damage. For your convenience, our process has been streamlined to get you in and out of the office as soon as possible.

Fast Track Visit
Get quick testing and results for strep throat, urinary tract infection (UTI), and blood at our doctor's office.

Diagnostic Testing
Find out fast what if anything is wrong with our accurate diagnostic testing that includes:

• Echocardiogram (EKG) with high blood pressure testing for chest pain
• ANSAR testing to identify issues with the autonomic nervous system
• PADnet testing of legs to check for peripheral artery disease
• Nerve conduction testing for anyone with pain in their arms or legs to identify
  any nerve problems
• Vertigo testing to determine if  dizziness is caused ear or brain issues
• 3DMP testing for early cardiovascular disease and detects clogged arteries
   before it is too late
• STD testing and treatment

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Maintain your overall good health by contacting our family practice at (718) 998-2222 in Brooklyn, New York, for an appointment.