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e-Visits are an exciting new method for Modern Medical to provide care to our patients outside of the office setting. The e-Visit allows for flexible scheduling for the patient from the comfort of their home, expedited, timely sick visits, and quicker entry into the healthcare system for any medical problem.

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This option is for those patients who would benefit from the ability to contact Dr. Werzberger via text or email 24/6 and to schedule convenient private appointments outside of regular office hours. This service allows me to be a resource to you at any time.

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Primary Care

This is the traditional office practice where all doctoring is done in person. Continuity of care is maintained by scheduled follow up visits. Test results are shared via the patient portal and by phone when clinically warranted.

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Welcome To Modern Medical PLLC

Providing traditional office based primary care at the speed of the internet.

Our goal is to provide excellent care to our patients. Our office provides an atmosphere that encourages establishment and maintenance of the traditional doctor patient relationship. Our staff endeavors to facilitate your health care experience by providing you with timely appointments, appropriate referrals and careful follow-up of your condition. We utilize the power of the internet to rapidly provide our patients with timely results of diagnostic tests and consultation reports from specialists via our secure patient portal.

The portal facilitates direct patient-doctor secure email communication outside of the office visit. This minimizes stress and aggravation by allowing the patient to connect with the doctor without interference. Patients can schedule routine appointments and review data from their chart at any time.

Our e-Visit option accelerates the patient's access to care by allowing them to initiate a timely medical visit from their home or office. This eliminates the need to drive to the office and endure the obligatory waiting room experience speeding the patient's recovery.

e-Visits are presently available for
(1) E-facilitated physical
(2) E-therapeutic monitoring of conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, depression, obesity/weight loss management
(3) acute common sick visits such as cough, flu-influenza, rashes and certain medication refill requests.

In addition, our Concierge option allows for direct texting to the physician at any time, private appointments and more.